Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 9 Show Not Tell

Mary started jumping up and down because her sister Jan was taking her to the mall. Jan was waiting inside her car while mary was looking for some fresh clothes in a bunch of dirty clothes.
It took about half an hour for mary just to get change by then Jan got very impatient with Mary. Jan started frowning and said “How long is that girl gonna be?”if Mary had came out but every time Jan looked out she wasn’t coming. Jan got very very angry, then started beeping the horn and started shouting at her to hurry up.  

Mary was nervous to go to the mall with Jan, when she asked she said “Jan can I please come with you to the mall? As she asked Mary, Jans legs started shaking because she was so nervous. She was so nervous but when she heard a yes from Mary she just shocked with excitement started jumping up and down until she ran out of breath to be happy anymore. When they got into the car she kept on saying thank you over and over again until they reached the mall.

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