Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Year 5 and 6 camp

Last week at camp my group went to squash first and I win all my games. I was smash the ball to the wall and know one hit the ball back because it was to fast for them to hit the ball. The ball was to fast and bouncy and on one game I lost because I hit the ball under the line and of you hit it under the line you will be out.When the ball hit the back wall I will hit it to the wall with the red line on it and wait for the ball to come back so,I can hit the ball hard so I can get people out but it was time to go to the YMCA we played lots of games at the YMCA we played bull rush.

Name poem




There was a earthquake in Christchurch and there were lots of people were feeling devastation and they felt sorry for lost ones. All there homes were destroyed people were crying . We feel sad for the lost ones that pass away and also felt sorry for the famil’s. The earthquake destroyed all they in there car’s. They wanted to live in there home’s.he house and the bulidings and the people could’not live in there home’s, they had to live in tent’s

Monday, March 14, 2011

Baseball with Cola

On Thursday we went to baseball with Cola. He told us what to do when you catch the ball and hit it. When we were fielding I was backstop and I got lots of people out. Some people got a home run and some people got out on base one. I felt happy because I had lots of fun at baseball. I was in team Pepsi and the other team was call team Cola. I had to be focused to catch the ball so people don’t get home runs. When I hit the ball off the tee it went far but I only got to base one. I was cheering for my team but it was a hard game because the other team was good. My favourite put was when I hit the ball far.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


  • This year in softball I made it in for the school and my mum was happy.We have training today on the bottom field. I am the pitcher for the team I am quite good at it.