Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rip Currents

Have you ever found yourself getting dragged out to sea from a strong current?. That is caused by a rip current. In a rip people panic but that is the least best thing to do. To find out how to identify a rip and how to get out of one carry on reading.

If you're on a beach the way to identify a rip current in the water is that you will see a calm spot in the waves. Another feature is the difference in the color of the water and that is from the color of the sand. So if the sand is black the water will be dark and if the sand is light then then the color of the water will be lighter. A channel of churning and chopping water is another indication of a rip current and a line of foam, seaweed or debris moving steadily out to sea.

When getting dragged out by a strong current there are important things to remember. Firstly don't try fighting it because you will get tired but not the water. Secondly you see if you can touch the sand and if you can’t then just lie flat on your back and make a starfish.When in a rip you let it take you out because it will end at the last breaking wave. Then swim to the side and swim back in with the waves. Another thing you try to do is put your hand up high into the air.

I really hope these can help you out one day and maybe save your life.

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