Monday, September 26, 2011

Aussie Rule

Guess what room fifteen have been doing? We have been learning the skills required to play Aussie Rules.

The equiqment uesd to play is a little rugby ball,fore big post and a ovel.The name for the little ball is called kiwi kick.

I like the drop punt because it is just like a drop kick but it does not hit the ground.I like it because I can aim for my team mate to get the ball. It was unpredictable when i kicked the ball and it went some where else but not to him


  1. Hi Brodie

    I like your post about Aussie Rules. Very interesting words you used like required, unpredictable, and equipment. Aussie rules is a very fun sports and especially when we played with your class.

    Well done Brodie keep up the spectacular writing !!!

  2. Hey Brodie,

    Your story is very good. Our class does tennis does your class? Any way well done and please be sure to visit my blog.