Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This week we went to badminton. We played lots of games at badminton. Some of the games that we played were that we had to hit the shuttle three times and then hit the shuttle underneath our legs. If we missed it then we had to try it again till we got it and could do it lots of times. When someone lost we had to rotate so all of us got a turn. The winner got to vs the next people. If no one lost then we all had to hop off so that people could have turns.

When we went to hit the shuttle we had to have our rackets ready so we didn’t miss it. If we didn’t have our rackets ready then we would miss the shuttle, most of the time I had my racket ready.

I had to rush and hit the shuttle and when I hit it I tripped up but when I did I got back up fast and won. My friend rushed so that we would not be out. He hit the shuttle hard and it went over the net and we won.

It was tricky trying not to lose to good people. We didn’t lose because we were good at badminton. Me and my friend were getting tired so we lost the last game to good people.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snowy conditions

In the snow people like to make snow angels. The snow was the perfect thickness to make them yesterday after the cold polar blast. If it snowed on your lawn, would you make snow angels?

Monday, August 15, 2011


This week we have been doing some multimedia tasks. I had to animate someone kicking the ball and make it go through the goal post. Now I have to animate people passing the ball. When I finish that I have to animate someone kicking the ball and three other people catching it. Two throw the other one up to catch the ball.