Friday, August 1, 2014

Soccer With Sophia

On Monday 28th we have soccer with Sophia. Sophia comes from the country of Argentina and Argentina lost the 2014 Fifa world cup Brazil to Germany. Soccer is a really common game in Argentina. On the first day sophia said to us “Lets make a deal” and we replied with “yes” Then she said “the deal is if I teach you how to play soccer you guys have to teach me how to speak more English?” and we said “sure”.

Our first day we had a little warm up. The warm up was like a game most of the class got given a bib to run around. The people that didn't have a bib had to try getting a bib from the people that had one. The first time we did it we could only have one bib. When we done it the second time we could have more then one.

We had a little game of soccer, Sophia put us in to two teams. When we got put in to our teams we got numbered from 1-11 and in our team one of us had to go twice. I was in the opposite team of my friend and I had to vs him. The first time I had a turn I was close to the goal but then he kicked my leg and I fell over. The last time we done it she called out all the numbers so it was team vs team and no one won because the ball went out.

Before we left we all said our thank you for the wonderful time that we had with Sophia.After that it was time for us to go when Miss Squires left with the rest of the class some of the boys stayed behind and asked her some questions. The questions was about where she came from and that.

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