Wednesday, July 6, 2011


On Wednesday we went to basketball practise in the hall with room 14. We all got in to groups of threes and found a spot to play passing the ball around like bouncing the ball to each other and chest passing. I was dibbling the ball to the goal and shot at it and got it in.

When we were versing another team we got the ball and Frankie shot the ball in and we won. Another team came up against us and we won again, then we had to hop off because we were to good. Next we had to play the girls and we won again but the girls were a but harder because they play netball.

When it was time to go home we got to shoot to see if we could get it in to the goal and when it was my turn I go the ball and got it in. After we finished that I had my turn and it hit off the backboard and went in to the hop but when I tried it again I missed and I went to riverside.

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